Why You Should Skip Wearing Contacts While Swimming This Summer

Why You Should Skip Wearing Contacts While Swimming This Summer

Summer is finally here! Hot summer days beg for relief! Summer is all about cooling yourself off in the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, or navigating the ocean’s waves. No matter which form of relief you prefer, consider this if you wear contacts . . .

Water found in pools, hot tubs, oceans, bays, or rivers, may contain microorganisms that should not be combined with contact lens use. You could develop an infection or, even worse, temporary or permanent blindness. Read on to check out Jennie Hurst’s eye opening story of her painful struggle with acanthamoeba keratitis. She describes how an innocent dip in the pool while wearing her contact lenses left her with permanent vision loss in one eye.

The infection that plagued Ms. Hurst is the most aggressive bacteria a person can contract; however, this cautionary tale illustrates that you should adopt a proactive routine when it comes to your eye health. You can’t assume that the water you are frolicking in is free from microorganisms. Unfortunately, Ms. Hurst will not get a second chance to save her sight but her story could save yours.

Non-contact lens wearers can also develop acanthamoeba keratitis, but it is more prevalent in those who wear contacts. Symptoms associated with this condition include: redness in the affected eye, blurred vision, feeling of a foreign body in the eye, and light sensitivity. If you experience any of these symptoms after swimming (especially if you are a contact lens wearer) contact our office without delay.

Talk to Dr. Shah or Dr. Wiedeman as they are happy to discuss important techniques that you should adopt as part of your contact lens regimen to ensure optimal eye health this summer–when you are swimming or participating in watersports.

For those of you who are hung up on the thought, “I can’t live without my contacts at the pool,” our optical shop has flattering prescription sunglasses that will soften the blow. Peruse fabulous styles in our optical shop that will keep you looking fierce while enabling you to enjoy the summer and beyond. With modern frames to fit your lifestyle it’s easy to leave your contacts at home when heading off to your next swimming adventure.


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