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Emmett Walling’s Vision Transformation with the Light Adjustable Lens: A Cataract Surgery Success Story with Dr. Del Negro

“I can see everything clearly: my vision is brighter and well-focused.”

In 2022, Emmett Walling noticed a decline in his vision, prompting him to seek a cataract evaluation with Dr. Del Negro. “Night driving was getting to be more of a challenge than it should be,” he described, “Headlight glare at night was a problem, and the road wasn’t as bright as it should be. When I was reading, my eyes would get tired quickly, and I would have to take frequent breaks. It got to the point that reading wasn’t enjoyable anymore.”

Following an insightful discussion with Dr. Del Negro, Emmett left his consultation feeling confident and eager to proceed.

Opting for the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL), Emmett now enjoys newfound vision at every turn. “My mid-distance and long-distance vision are clear, bright, and focused and require no vision correction with glasses. Reading is once again enjoyable. Colors are much more vibrant. Vision while driving at night is very bright and clear. I am much more confident driving. Things don’t hide in shadows anymore, and I am not bothered by the glare of oncoming traffic.”

“Dr. Del Negro is an excellent doctor,” Emmett says, explaining, “He is very easy to talk with, patient with all my questions, and very professional. I have already referred two of my friends to Dr. Del Negro based on having a very positive experience. He is a talented surgeon.” He is also thankful for “the patient and professional treatment received by both Seashore Surgical Institute staff and the staff at Dr. Del Negro’s.”

Ultimately, Emmett is extremely happy post-surgery. “I am so glad I had the procedure done. My quality of life is greatly improved.”

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