The Sight Saving Impact of Grapes

The Sight Saving Impact of Grapes

Did you know that grapes are considered to be a powerful sight protector? A study published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine compared the impact of an antioxidant-rich diet on vision. The study used mice prone to developing retinal damage in old age. The mice either received a grape-enriched diet, a diet with added lutein, or a normal diet.

The result? Grapes proved to offer dramatic protection: the grape-enriched diet protected against oxidative damage of the retina and prevented blindness in those mice consuming grapes. While lutein was also effective, grapes were found to offer significantly more protection.

The bottom line? Consuming a diet rich in natural antioxidants, like grapes, might directly impact retinal health and function.

“Preserving eye health is a key concern as we age, and this study shows that grapes may play a critical role in achieving this,” said Kathleen Nave, president of the California Table Grape Commission. “This is good news for consumers of all ages who enjoy grapes, and adds to the growing body of evidence that grapes offer an array of health benefits.”

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