Should I be Concerned If I Discover A White Ring Around My Iris?

Should I be Concerned If I Discover A White Ring Around My Iris?

Have you recently noticed a white ring around your iris while applying makeup or shaving, or maybe you observed it in someone’s eyes during a conversation? Did you think to yourself, “I wonder what that is, a sign of cataracts?”

Well, we are here to address your thoughts on this subject. First and foremost, Arcus Senilis (Corneal Arcus) has nothing to do with developing a cataract. It is a gray or white arc or circle visible around the outer part of the cornea and is typically present in older adults and doesn’t have a negative impact on vision or require treatment.

Some researchers in the medical community suggest that this arc could be associated with hypercholesterolemia. Arcus Senilis is commonly found in people over the age of 50, so if our doctors discover the arc in a younger adult during exam, the patient would be monitored to rule out any concern and recommended to visit their primary care doctor for follow-up.

According to the Mayo Clinic, eye problems caused by high cholesterol are uncommon — typically affecting only people who have severe cases of high cholesterol and high triglycerides passed down through families (familial hyperlipidemia). High cholesterol is more likely associated with a similar gray or white arc visible around the entire cornea (circumferential arcus) in younger adults. Treatment is generally aimed at controlling cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

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