Save Your Vision Month

Save Your Vision Month

March is Save Your Vision Month! Your vision is important all year round, but it is nice that during March we can celebrate and really spread the importance of a dilated eye exam and being pro-active about your eye health. Hopefully, this will have a trickle-down effect in that your ears will perk up when someone admits, “My vision isn’t what it used to be,” or “My vision has been bothering me lately.” You can then confidently say, “You should schedule an eye exam to eliminate any concern.”

Of course there can be a number of complaints, but it always returns to the sage advice: “Get it checked out.” This applies to yourself, a friend, or a loved one. A dilated eye exam can uncover issues with high cholesterol, diabetes, glaucoma, retina, as well as other conditions, and can ultimately save your sight.

A visit to the ophthalmologist or optometrist will set you on track to maintaining your current vision. Unfortunately, not every vision loss can be reversed. This is why a dilated eye exam is priceless–and should be scheduled every one-to-two years, depending on what your ophthalmologist or optometrist recommends.

There you have it–feel free to spread the word that your eyes are worth a second look. After all, you use them from the moment you wake up until your lids close at night.

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