Haunting Vision Tales

Haunting Vision Tales

This Halloween you may have considered taking your costume up a notch by adding eye-catching decorative contact lenses. Before you get carried away by the impulse of wanting to win first prize at the annual costume party, ask yourself if it is worth the price of your eyesight. These decorative lenses are not meant to correct your vision, their main draw is to temporarily change the overall appearance of your eyes.

This opens up a larger discussion about contact lens wear in general and the need for an evaluation to gain proper fit; not just once, but on an ongoing basis. Purchasing lenses at a boutique or discount store might save a few dollars up front, but the consequences could be much more costly. It is crucial to stick to reputable establishments when purchasing your contact lenses so you know the lenses are of good quality and, more importantly, dispensed by licensed doctors that relay proper instructions for responsible care and wear.

At Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates Drs. Shah and Wiedeman pride themselves on promoting good eye health with every visit. Along with an annual comprehensive eye exam, a complete contact lens evaluation is also necessary. The following contact lens services are provided that are NOT part of a standard eye exam:

  • Detailed slit lamp biomicroscope exam of the contact lenses on each individuals’ eyes to check the lens fit and to determine if there are any adverse effects from contact lens wear
  • Contact lens refraction to determine the correct prescription power (a contact lens prescription is different than an eyeglass prescription)
  • Review of new contact lens designs, materials, and solutions that may improve comfort and health of your eyes

Check out this informative article by the FDA that highlights things you should consider when purchasing decorative and prescription contact lenses. If the testimonial doesn’t scare you straight, we don’t know what will . . . . Always look to the future and consider how your actions, no matter how innocent they may seem, could potentially harm the way you see the world for the rest of your life.

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