Eyelash 101

Eyelash 101

Eyelash extensions are all the rage. You can’t turn the page of a magazine, scroll through Instagram, or catch your favorite celeb’s latest look without seeing perfectly fanned, luscious lashes. But, there’s a good chance you know at least one person who had an adverse reaction to this primping regimen…

Concerns from a doctor’s perspective:

Even under the most ideal circumstance, without introducing any foreign solvent or accessory, the eyes, lids, and/or lid margin can experience an allergic reaction.

Consider this –- AAO cites the following hazards of using eyelash extensions:

  • Infection of the cornea
  • Infection of the eyelid
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Temporary or permanent loss of eyelashes

You may also experience redirection of natural lashes and/or allergic reaction to eye and or lids.

We recommend doing your research if you are serious about eyelash extensions. Locate a reputable salon and an aesthetician who has performed many applications under strict sanitary guidelines. If you have any issues after application, make an appointment with your eye doctor immediately.

Should you choose to forego extensions, there are plenty of other options out there: investing in a quality mascara can help you achieve the long, luscious effect that everyone is obsessed with.

Source: https://www.aao.org/eye-health/tips-prevention/eyelash-extension-facts-safety

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