Eye Protection in Sports

Eye Protection in Sports

On December 1st, NHL Sharks captain Joe Thornton took a puck above his right eye during the team’s hard fought win over the Anaheim Ducks. Thornton was immediately whisked off the ice and given stitches. Not long after, to the surprise and excitement of the crowd, he re-emerged without a visor. As the cameras documented the stoic scene, Thornton’s eyelid started to swell shut and the surrounding skin began to develop into a purple and brown backdrop, highlighting the nasty injury.

Saturday night’s injury raises an interesting question about eye protection and major sports. For hockey specifically, veteran players like Thornton are grandfathered into the new ruling that players must wear a visor. This means that new players are required to wear visors, while vets are given a choice. Although it may not prevent every injury to the face, a visor provides added protection critical to safety and peace of mind.

Unexpected situations like this, especially those animated on the television screen, force us to consider how precious our eyesight is to us. If given the benefit of hindsight, wouldn’t we all chose to wear eye protection? Unfortunately, eye injuries can occur anytime, anywhere. If you are not wearing proper protection, you could be risking permanent vision loss or blindness.

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