Combating the Effects of Blue Light Exposure

Combating the Effects of Blue Light Exposure

Ever wonder why, by the end of your workday, your eyes start to feel watery and appear bloodshot, and your lids get heavy? Well, you’ve probably been working hard in front of a computer screen or handheld device all day, right? Honestly, we are all “connected” somehow, and the blue light follows us everywhere…

So, how can you combat the effects of constant exposure to blue light? Luckily there are special lenses and fashionable magnetic clip-ons that are specially made to protect your eyes from straining caused by blue light. These lenses are essential for living and working alongside technology.

According to Blue Clip Magnetic Eyewear®, the sources of blue light have expanded over the years to include TVs, computer screens, tablets, and smartphones – all of which increase prolonged exposure.

Here are some symptoms to look out for:
· Digital eyestrain
· Headaches
· Physical and mental fatigue
· Loss of Concentration
· Dry and irritated eyes

Stop by The Eyewear Boutique in Neptune or Red Bank to learn how wearing blue-light-filtering lenses can serve to protect your eyes, increase your comfort level, and perhaps even deliver a more restful night’s sleep when utilized 2-3 hours before bed.

Source: Aspex® Eyewear Group,

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