Cataract Awareness Month: Our Happy Patients

Cataract Awareness Month: Our Happy Patients

In honor of Cataract Awareness month, we would like to share what our patients are saying about their experience at Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates.

On Laser Custom Cataract Surgery:

“I enjoy everything I do now that I don’t have to wear glasses. See clearly, enjoy movies, watch my nephews play sports, drive, and read.” -Carol Albunio

On Dr. Del Negro:

“You can’t put a dollar value on your eyes, and because of that, I trust Dr. Del Negro with complete confidence – finally I can watch a movie and read the ending credits!” -Michele LoConte

“Dr. Del Negro was very considerate in addressing my needs for improved vision. He explained the various Lens options available and was quite patient with my many questions. I felt confident that I would experience favorable results.” -John Miller

On Dr. Senft:

“Dr. Senft answered all of my questions – he is outstanding, compassionate, and very skilled. He was very insightful and explained all steps throughout the surgery, so I was barely nervous.” -Carole Fox

“I never thought I would never wear glasses again. Dr. Senft gave me a gift.” -Janice Maggio

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