Baby Boomers Opt for Cataract Surgery at Younger Ages

Baby Boomers Opt for Cataract Surgery at Younger Ages

Journalist Eun Kyung Kim recently reported in a Today Health article that she had cataract surgery after experiencing a dip in her visual clarity when relaxing on the beach, playing with her children, and driving them to activities in bright light. Ms. Kim is 43 years old.

In her article, Kim discusses the growing trend for baby boomers to opt for cataract surgery sooner rather than later. She cites a recent study by the Mayo Clinic that “indicates an increasing number of people are having cataract surgery – and are doing it at ‘younger’ ages. The study, which examined cataract surgeries done from 2005 to 2011 in Minnesota’s Olmstead County, found that about 20 percent of those surgeries were in patients younger than 65.”

Waiting until a cataract becomes “ripe” is no longer the standard. Cataracts are now removed when they begin to impede on a persons’ everyday lifestyle. It is a very subjective phenomenon because not everyone has the same threshold for the amount of haziness, glare, trouble reading, or problems with night driving they are willing tolerate. Furthermore, because we rely so heavily on smartphones, tablets, and/or computers for personal and business communication, younger generations are apt to notice a slight dip in visual acuity because they constantly call on their vision to complete daily tasks, much more than in previous generations.

To the younger members of the baby boomer generation, the notion of fixing the issue so they can continue to work and produce at the level to which they have been accustomed does not seem like an extraordinary request. Essentially, these self-sufficient and self-reliant younger-than-65 year olds want to hold onto their independence for a very, very long time.

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