6 Types of Sunglass Lenses to Keep the Bright Out As You Celebrate the 4th!

6 Types of Sunglass Lenses to Keep the Bright Out As You Celebrate the 4th!

Happy Fourth of July! As you celebrate the day that our country gained its independence, we have some tips on selecting types of sunglass lenses that will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

It seems like UVA & UVB protection is on the top of everyone’s mind when a celebration will have you outdoors under the sun’s harsh rays. We all know to slather on sunscreen and wear protective clothing – but another mandatory item to take along? Sunglasses, of course! They should be part of your daily sun-protection routine. No matter what color or style you choose, make sure the lens has an anti–reflective coating to ensure sharper, cleaner vision.

  • Polarized lenses make your time in the sun more enjoyable! This lens paired with an anti-reflective coating is your best choice for sun protection. The lenses cut down on eye fatigue and are an excellent option for providing clarity, vivid color, glare-free vision, and 100% UV protection.
  • TRANSITIONS® Lenses feature a changeable tint – an excellent choice for people who lead active lifestyles. Lenses darken outdoors and lighten indoors.
  • Yellow/Amber lenses provide brighter vision with better contrast on an overcast day. These are most helpful when worn during dusk or dawn.
  • Gray lenses provide true-to-life color that is a little darker than the brown lens. Usually personal preference leads a person to choose one over another.
  • Brown lenses offer a warmer and brighter tone than a gray lens.
  • Green lenses are ideal for golfing. They give the illusion that the fairway is much greener than it actually is, providing optimum contrast as the eye follows the white ball. Contrast sensitivity comes into play here when the eye can delineate between an object and its background.

The level of ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB) is at least three times higher during the summer months, and UV rays will also reflect off of water and sand – potentially causing serious eye irritation. With the right type of sunglasses, you can enjoy the sand and surf while protecting your eyes – and also look fashionable in the process.

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