20/Happy in 2020 Blog Series: Cataracts

20/Happy in 2020 Blog Series: Cataracts

Are you truly happy with your vision?

If your answer is one of the following, or something similar, you may want to consider scheduling a cataract evaluation:

  • “I’m managing.”
  • “I’m just not driving at night anymore.”
  • “I’m wearing sunglasses at night to help with the glare.”
  • “I’m just staying off the highway.”

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts or have been experiencing decreased vision, make it your New Year’s resolution to investigate whether you are a candidate for cataract surgery. A cataract evaluation is very thorough, lasting approximately two hours. Drs. Del Negro, Senft, or Glatman will review the testing in real-time and discuss how far along your cataract(s) have progressed and determine the next appropriate step—monitoring progression or scheduling the procedure. Additionally, you would learn whether standard or laser cataract surgery is right for you, as well as your candidacy for advanced technology lenses, including Toric and presbyopia correcting lenses.

The idea behind modern cataract surgery is quite simple: the surgeon removes the clouded natural lens and implants a new, clear lens in its place. Our surgeons remove cataracts on an outpatient basis at Seashore Surgical Institute* both state-of-the-art surgical facilities. No hospital stay is required.

Don’t procrastinate in the New Year! It is a 10-minute procedure that will make you 20/Happy so you can start doing – or continue doing – all the activities you’ve come to know and love. Cheers to a New Year with new vision.

*Drs. Del Negro & Senft have an ownership interest in Seashore Surgical Institute.
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