Patient Testimonials

Lillian Somersle


I have been a patient for several years. I have many good things to say about your service. Dr. Senft really cares about his patients and the nurses, technicians, and clerical are courteous and efficient. I have recommended your office to several people. One transport driver commented that the doctor must be good for me to spend time and money to travel the distance.


Lillian Somersle

Richard McCoid


“I felt confident in her skills.”

Prior to meeting with Dr. Glatman, Richard found himself having to turn his head more to truly see his surroundings. Due to his limited vision, he embarked on an extensive evaluation. Dr. Glatman, who Richard describes as “knowledgeable and skilled,” made him feel more comfortable during this visit by providing a thorough explanation of the eyelid condition that was affecting his vision and type of surgery he could undergo to improve it.

Having been through the entire process, he has encouraging words for those who may need to consider Blepharoplasty: “It was not painful or debilitating.” Following the procedure, he “immediately” noticed that his vision was “much improved.” Reflecting on his new vision, Richard explains, “The difference between the before and after was dramatic. I feel more alert. I feel more confident driving now that I can see better.”

Richard McCoid Dr. Glatman, Blepharoplasty, 2015

Deb Kelly


Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates are nothing short of outstanding. I travel from my home in Yonkers, New York, via bus and train – as I can no longer drive – to be evaluated by them, as I have been for the past decade. I am very, very, very fortunate and thankful for these fine doctors and staff. With deepest gratitude.

Deb Kelly

Dave Birch


I am very happy with the services provided, particularly my cataract lens replacement last year. Both the professional medical services and the back-office administrative services are well above average.

Dave Birch

Ruth Flanagan

Had my first visit with Dr. Del Negro. I am very happy my friend recommended him. The staff is great so the whole first experience was good and went well. Ruth Flanagan

Patricia M. Olmstead

I was very pleased with my 1st visit to your office. Dr. Del Negro is very thorough & I know my eyes are in very good hands. The staff is very knowledgeable & polite. Greatly Appreciated! Patricia M. Olmstead

R. Thomas

In as few words as possible I would have to say I’m extremely pleased with Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates. The entire staff is extremely caring and professional and the results from my two surgeries went beyond expectations. As I told Dr. Senft, “If all of the different doctors I see gave me results like he did I’d be a very happy man.” R. Thomas

A. Forfa, Cataract Surgery

I want to state that I absolutely am very pleased with Dr. Senft and all the people I have dealt with at his office in Brick. I am so pleased with my cataract surgery and was so happy with how successful it was and the follow-up checkups, etc. I give high marks and praise to your office to everyone I know. A. Forfa

Cynthia Harris, Blepharoplasty

During her annual exam, Cynthia expressed concern that she was having difficulty driving on highways and could not determine if vehicles were trying to pass her on the left. It was recommended she follow up with Dr. Glatman for an evaluation. Further testing revealed that the excess skin on her lids was interfering with her line of vision.

Dr. Glatman reviewed all her options. Cynthia scheduled the Blepharoplasty procedure after reflecting on how her declining vision prevented her from doing the things that she enjoyed and/or wanted to accomplish on a daily basis. “I am the head of my household and needed to drive. I was not able to go on trips of any kind due to my vision problems. My peripheral vision was bad in my left eye which made highway driving impossible.”

About two weeks after the procedure Cynthia began to notice a difference in her vision. She explains, “I am a new person . . . I can see again. I just took a trip to North Carolina and did great.” She now takes the Parkway to visit her daughter, which she avoided doing before she had the surgery. “I feel whole again and sure of myself, especially when driving.”

According to Cynthia, Dr. Glatman went over and above and was very thorough. She reports, “I will continue to recommend Dr. Glatman.”

Cynthia Harris
Blepharoplasty Procedure 4-22-15
Marina Glatman, M.D.

Michael Farella, Cataract Surgery

My experience with your office workers, medical staff, and Dr. Senft, at your Drum Point office, was very professional and most importantly, caring. From my “cold call” to Gloria, who listened to my concerns intently, and allayed my fears, to Dr. Senft’s handling of my surgery, I am extremely satisfied with my new eyesight, and with your customer service. I will recommend your office and Dr. Senft to anyone who needs cataract surgery. Thank you all, Michael Farella

Roseann Holland, Blepharoplasty

During her yearly exam Roseann explained that she was experiencing decreased vision, both near and far. Her eyelids were getting in the way of enjoying daily tasks. She recalls, “My vision bothered me for well over a year before the procedure.”

Throughout the course of her consultation with Dr. Glatman, Roseann learned that she was a candidate for Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery. She recalls that the first meeting with Dr. Glatman set her at ease. “I like Dr. Glatman. She’s very nice, very kind, and very professional. I would recommend her in a minute.”

A passion for reading gave Roseann an incentive to schedule the procedure. “I love to read, that is my pastime—If I’m not reading at home I’m reading at the beach. It’s the joy of retirement. I never thought I would have the time. I had the procedure to improve my vision while reading.”

“It was getting to the point where I felt like I had to use tape to hold my eyes open. Before the procedure I fell asleep more easily because my eyes were so downcast. My friends would often joke with me, ‘Wake up!’ and I would say, ‘I AM awake!’ They were also pleased with the results.”

“Now, I can read for a more lengthy period of time because I don’t feel that heaviness over my eyes anymore.”

Three months after the procedure, Roseann explains, “The procedure helped me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.”

Roseann Holland
Surgery performed by Dr. Marina Glatman

Maryellen Sullivan, Cataract Surgery

Maryellen wore glasses for 53 years before meeting Dr. Glatman. She was having a difficult time reading prior to cataract surgery. In fact, she found herself reaching for a magnifier for many of her daily tasks. “I couldn’t read any fine print anymore—even with my glasses. Trying to read receipts in restaurants or price tags was difficult. It was horrible! My eyes were tired all the time because I was straining.”

To her surprise, her vision improved the morning after cataract surgery with Dr. Glatman. “She’s been wonderful,” Maryellen remarked. “The next morning I was watching TV with my glasses on as usual and had to flip up my glasses so I could read the print at the bottom of the TV screen. It was amazing! It’s definitely an adjustment—but a good one. I was used to wearing glasses for distance all those years. I keep reaching for my glasses on my head or the tip of my nose, but don’t need them anymore.”

She explains her current vision: “It’s just a pleasure to be able to read again—I love doing the Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle. I’m a big reader. I always have a magazine, book, or Kindle in my hands. I feel like I can read again!” Reflecting on her new and improved vision she realized, “Life is a lot easier when you can read—I was always asking my daughter to read the receipts to me, or would use a magnifier to look at medicine bottles to read the small print. It’s scary not being able to see.”

She’s already told all her friends about her experience, “It was so easy, it doesn’t hurt, there’s no downtime really, and the next day you can see!”

Maryellen Sullivan
Cataract Surgery
Surgery performed by Dr. Marina Glatman

Tony Randazzo

My wife and I give high marks to the practice of Dr. Ralph Del Negro and Dr. Carl Senft:

  • Both Doctors have attended to my wife’s dry eye and glaucoma conditions as caring professionals over a 2 year period.
  • The office staff, front desk and technicians, are attentive to providing quality patient service, in particular all members of the staff have been PATIENT FRIENDLY.
  • At all times scheduling appointments has been done smoothly with flexibility.
Overall, we are delighted to be patients of the practice!

Anthony “Tony” Randazzo

Marie Gambino-Samaha, Cataract Surgery

“I have had the most wonderful care during the many years my husband and I have been patients of Dr. Del Negro and all of his staff. Every single encounter I have ever had with all members of his staff has been considerate and kind, explaining things in a manner I could understand. I especially want to thank Donna who helped us through our cataract surgeries. I’m lucky to be your patient Dr. Del Negro.”

Marie Gambino-Samaha
Cataract Surgery
Surgery performed by Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro

Kathleen Capolongo, Laser Cataract Surgery with the TORIC Lens


According to Kathleen, her vision was declining – described as “extremely blurred and dim” – and even with glasses, she experienced “ineffective correction.” A glasses wearer for 66 years, she was hoping for a change. So she scheduled an appointment with Dr. Senft and had a “comprehensive, not at all rushed, informative and complete” cataract evaluation. “I’m so very happy I chose Dr. Senft,” she explains. He is “fantastic – patient and agreeable.”

Informed with all her options, Kathleen elected to have Laser Custom Cataract Surgery with the TORIC lens for “improved vision and the possibility to see well without glasses,” and her vision improved within 24 hours of the procedure.

How did this procedure change her life? “No more straining and squinting, and I can drive safely at all times of day and see the TV,” Kathleen says. “I’m 100% satisfied, the world is so much brighter!”

If given an opportunity to discuss her experience with a friend, she would say: “Don’t hesitate. The procedure is quick, painless, and easy.”

Kathleen Capolongo
Laser Cataract Surgery with the TORIC Lens
Surgery performed by Dr. Carl J. Senft

John Slater, Cataract Surgery


“You and your surgery transported me into a Technicolor world–just like Dorothy suddenly finding herself in the land of OZ. Blues are bluer, reds are redder, greens are greener. When I walked into Seabrook’s lobby and hallways it seemed as if while I was away they had put in new light fixtures of higher wattage. My TV and computer screens have brightened up.

I went to church this morning and for the first time didn’t wear my glasses and could read the hymnal and the service bulletin with no difficulty. My glasses were hidden in my pocket the whole time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

John Slater
Cataract Surgery
Surgery Performed by Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro
August 2014

Ronald Hyldahl, Toric Lens Surgery


“My new vision has given me an open window to another world that I had been missing.”

Ronald wore glasses for more than 12 years before deciding to “improve vision for clarity and sharpness” with cataract surgery. Like many people diagnosed with cataracts, he experienced “halos around lights, difficulty reading without prescription glasses, and dull colors and fine details missing.” Looking to improve his vision, Ronald sought out Dr. Senft because he was “highly recommended.”

Ronald received a “thorough exam with positive feedback” from Dr. Senft to prepare for his procedure. “Dr. Senft helped put my mind at ease through his thorough explanation and visual aids. He takes the time to answer my questions completely.” Dr. Senft informs patients of their options, including advanced technology lenses, when they meet specific criteria. Ronald opted for the elective Toric Lens to correct his astigmatism.

He describes the procedure as, “No pain (but lots of gain).” He is now experiencing 20/20 vision and happily reports“no need for glasses.” His quality of life has greatly improved as he is “enjoying reading more as well as driving.” Ronald is now amazed at the details of everything that surrounds him. A year after the procedure he can still “see signs farther away than before and watch TV without squinting.”

Ultimately, Ronald’s life had been enriched. He explains,“Life is not only good, but Dr. Senft made it better. WOW! Thanks.”

Ronald Hyldahl
Toric Lens
Surgery performed by Dr. Carl Senft
December 2011

Cecillia Fallon, Laser Custom Cataract Surgery with Astigmatism Correction


I’m very, very pleased! I can’t believe the difference in what I can now see without glasses. I don’t even need them to read. I healed very quickly with no discomfort. When I go to sew or mend. I can get the thread right through the needle. In the past I had to work at it. Driving at night is much better-the red and green lights don’t look like fireworks anymore, they look like round circles again. I am now doing as much driving as I did when I was working.

Cecillia Fallon
Laser Custom Cataract Surgery with Astigmatism Correction
Surgery Performed by Dr. Ralph Del Negro

Carol Albunio, Laser Custom Cataract Surgery

Carol wore glasses for 55 years and contacts for 40 years before she began to experience blurred vision “when driving and reading.” New to the area, her vision became a concern. After surveying people she met after moving to New Jersey, Carol soon discovered that Dr. Del Negro came “highly recommended.”

With her research complete, she scheduled a Cataract Evaluation with Dr. Del Negro. He carefully reviewed her visual goals and presented her with options based on her candidacy. She decided to seize the opportunity to be less dependent on glasses at near and far distances–opting for Laser Custom Cataract Surgery with the Multifocal Lens. Ultimately, she chose “to make driving in a new area easier and to read more clearly.” Reflecting on her experience, she describes Dr. Del Negro as “a very concerned doctor, very professional.”

After the procedure, she noticed improvement “immediately.” Carol describes her new vision as “Wonderful—A pleasure to see street signs and feel confident with my driving. It was the best decision I ever made to change my life.” Since the procedure, her life has improved in a variety of ways: “I enjoy everything I do now that I don’t have to wear glasses. See clearly, enjoy movies, watch my nephews play sports, drive, and read.” What surprised her most about the Laser Custom Cataract Surgery is that “there really was no pain at all.”

According to Carol, she also appreciated the time and concern Dr. Del Negro’s associate, Dr. Wiedeman, spent answering all her questions during her post-op visits. Her overall experience: “Dr. Del Negro and his entire staff were terrific.” What would she tell a friend about her experience? “Go for it – but only see Dr. Del Negro and his group.”

Carol Albunio
Laser Custom Cataract Surgery with ReSTOR® Lens
Surgery Performed by Dr. Ralph Del Negro

Rita Campbell Monofocal Lens


Rita Campbell is a local artist whose time is spent capturing images around her oceanside Victorian home. In recent years, she noticed that her vision became impaired which prevented her from going out at night, but freely admits that she put off cataract surgery as long as possible because she was anxious. About a year ago, she mustered up enough courage for her cataract procedure and has never looked back.

“I had great faith in Dr. Del Negro and felt he was the right one, all the seniors know about him…He was very re-assuring throughout the procedure and the different steps [of the Cataract Evaluation] were nice.” She experienced improvement in her vision shortly after the procedure: “I can read, see clearer, brighter…the day is brighter, people are clearer, I can go outside in my garden and see what grew from the night before.”

After the procedure she saw Dr. Shah for her post-op visits. “She was very patient, I came to value her very much.”

She now has 20/20 vision with a slight reading script. It is clear that her improved vision directly impacts her creative endeavors. “I’m painting with less of a yellowish/tannish color.” She remarks that her work is much brighter and laughs, “The mustard is gone.” She works out of her sunroom that is washed with northern light and explains her process like a religious experience. Conditions need to be right, “I don’t paint every day, I paint only on feeling.” Engrossed with each piece, she created “Surfer” in a few hours on a piece of salvaged wood. Two of her paintings are featured in the Carmen A. Biase Center for seniors in Bradley Beach and three others in the children’s section of the Bradley Beach library.

Rita R. Campbell
Monofocal Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph Del Negro
June 2013

Lorraine Catalano ReSTOR Lens


After being referred to Dr. Del Negro by Dr. Lauren Feiner, Lorraine Catalano decided to undergo cataract surgery at Del Negro & Senft Eye Associates. A Certified Nuclear Medical Technologist (CNM), Lorraine has extensive experience with patient care. She explains, “I am imaging director of a Cardiac PET facility—I practice patient care with compassion, state-of-the-art technology, and medical expertise. I recognize these attributes when I’ve had the opportunity to experience them as a patient-Dr. Del Negro’s practice afforded me that experience and although I know this is the only way a practice should run, I also know that Dr. Del Negro remains the exception to the rule!”

For twelve years, Lorraine had been relying on reading glasses and her cataracts were beginning to cause glare, sensitivity to brightness, discoloration, and distorted vision. Lorraine was not at all nervous before the surgery, saying “I was informed extensively and candidly; everything was pleasantly explained-Dr. Del Negro answered all my questions directly and honestly! Passengers sharing the ride to Seashore would have resolved any nerves I had since they did nothing but sing the praises of Dr. Del Negro and the procedure. I was impressed and pleased from the moment I walked in, with the initial assessment, and with every staff member. They answered all my questions with politeness and undivided attention.”

Lorraine described the procedure as “Extremely quick, painless, and everyone went out of their way to ensure I was comfortable. I never felt lost in the shuffle of a busy schedule—they even placed an air tube to keep the surgical drape off my face! The follow-up after surgery with Dr. Shah was also impressive—she was pleasant, informative, and demonstrated excellent proficiency.” After the procedure, Lorraine no longer suffers from glare, sensitivity, or discoloration – she reports that her eyesight improved immediately after the surgery and is still getting better. Lorraine says she can now “read menus, fine print, and computer screens without glasses and in lower lit conditions –I have less dependency on glasses and an enhanced sense of freedom! I would recommend this procedure to a friend without hesitation, and tell them that they go to no other facility!”

Lorraine Catalano
ReSTOR® Replacement Lens
Surgery Performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro

Michele LoConte Toric® Lens

Michele LoConte has been a patient of Dr. Del Negro for years, and opted to have cataract surgery with the elective Toric lens in April. She wore glasses for 40 years and her vision was becoming increasingly blurry, to the point of affecting her daily routine. “My vision improved maybe two days after the surgery – it’s so much better, I can drive at night and see the TV now. I was nervous, but the staff was very helpful and Dr. Del Negro answered all of my questions. I was surprised by how quick and easy the procedure was – and every person I was in contact with made me feel very comfortable. Drs. Shah and Wiedeman were very nice and explained everything in the post-surgery exam. I would tell anyone to do it! You can’t put a dollar value on your eyes, and because of that, I trust Dr. Del Negro with complete confidence – finally I can watch a movie and read the ending credits! “

Michele LoConte
Toric® Replacement Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph Del Negro
April 2013

Dr. Robert McTaggart Keratoconus lens fitting

robert mctaggart testimonial

Dr. Robert McTaggart was referred to Dr. Shah by a corneal specialist for a Keratoconus contact lens fitting. He explains, “As a healthcare professional my eyesight is the highest priority. Dr. Shah is very professional, patient and detail–oriented, making sure I have the best fit and vision. She is knowledgable and informative, and the exam was thorough and friendly. The staff is the nicest of any office I’ve been to – they answered all my questions. I have never seen better and had a more comfortable set of contacts – my patients thank you!

Dr. Robert McTaggart
Keratoconus lens fitting
Dr. Tina V. Shah

Sue Hughes Multifocal Lens

Sue Hughes testimonial

At the recommendation of two friends Sue sought out Dr. Del Negro after she began experiencing blurry vision and nighttime glare. She opted for cataract surgery with a multifocal lens when Dr. Del Negro presented her with all her options during her evaluation. Before the procedure, she had been wearing glasses for 26 years and her vision was blurry from cataracts. She decided to undergo surgery so she would be able to read and work on the computer, and also to improve her night vision.

After the procedure, she said “My vision is greatly improved- I haven’t worn glasses since, and I have no problem driving at night. There was a noticeable improvement immediately, and it increased in the following weeks. Now, my eyes don’t get tired when I’m working, I can go out at night, and I’m not constantly looking for my glasses! Before the surgeries, I felt confident that they would be successful because of the care that was taken – once the procedure was explained by Dr. Del Negro and his staff, I wasn’t nervous at all. They provided detailed explanations, and the nurses at the surgery center assured me that Dr. Del Negro was ‘good, fast, and the best-‘ I agree, and already referred two people for cataract procedures. The surgery was quick and very comfortable – I felt absolutely nothing! Dr. Shah was excellent too, especially when I developed a swollen gland that became a cyst. My new vision is worth every penny of the money I spent on multifocal lenses.”

Sue Hughes
Multifocal Lens
Surgery Performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro

Carole Fox, Cataract Patient


Carole Fox’s cataract surgery was performed by Dr. Carl Senft after he was recommended to her by Dr. Feiner. Dr. Senft had also performed surgery on her husband in the past. Prior to the procedure, Carole was almost legally blind and had worn glasses for nearly her entire life – she elected to have surgery to restore some vision for everyday living, and now describes her vision as “a miracle!” She continues, “Immediately following the operation on my first eye, I could see – I am able to function in a normal lifestyle, take my insulin correctly, drive, read, and pay bills. I received thorough consultations from the doctors, and Dr. Senft answered all of my questions – he is outstanding, compassionate, and very skilled. He was very insightful and explained all steps throughout the surgery, so I was barely nervous. The staff at their office is professional, caring, friendly, and genuine – they answered all my questions, helped ease my nerves, and made great efforts for my comfort and care. The transportation to and from home provided by Seashore Surgical was very helpful. The procedure itself was surprisingly quick – I would tell my friends to have it done! Don’t hesitate– renew your life. There is no price tag on vision.”

Carole Fox
Monofocal Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Carl J. Senft

Mary Buletza

After hearing about Del Negro Senft Eye Associates from a relative, Mary Buletza scheduled an appointment and has been a loyal patient for many years. She says, “The staff is courteous and professional and the office runs very smoothly. There is a calm atmosphere and smooth transitions from room to room. The examinations are always pleasant and professional, my questions are always answered. Dr. Shah always gives me a thorough checkup, reassuring me that my vision is under control. I am very thankful for all the years of care I have had, and I would not hesitate to advise family or friends to go to your office – I have always had great visits – reassuring and relaxing.”

Mary Buletza
Dr. Tina V. Shah

The Verdoni Family


Dr. Wiedeman has done an amazing job in correctly identifying our needs in order for us to have the best vision. She always answers all of our questions with valuable suggestions, and all of the staff at the practice are helpful and courteous. In the past, my children Nick and Amanda have been misdiagnosed by other eye doctors and had really negative experiences – but fortunately, we met Dr. Wiedeman and she changed that for my entire family. We feel comfortable with her diagnoses and enjoy coming to the eye doctor – she always goes above and beyond for our family and I am sure she does the same with all of her patients. Dr. Wiedeman is a compassionate, knowledgeable and exceptional doctor – we have referred several friends to her because we have the utmost confidence that anyone would be thrilled with her treatment.

The Verdoni Family
Dr. Lisa M. Wiedeman

Vito Bertolami ReSTOR® Replacement Lens


For Vito, the elective ReSTOR® Replacement Lens was worth the investment. He explains, “I wanted the best and I got it.” Thanks to Dr. Del Negro and the technology of the lens, Vito’s vision “improved tremendously”. He states, “It’s a big step forward. I can pick up a book, or newspaper, and start reading”. Finding his daily routine “more convenient”, Vito can now read 4 to 5 newspapers a day without having to rely on his reading glasses.

During the entire process Vito felt that Dr. Del Negro was “very sincere, very detailed, very calm”, and the staff was “very attentive. They take care of you.” He relays his experience to those close to him: “Why wait if you’re having difficulty? Do it.”

Vito Bertolami
ReSTOR® Replacement Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro

Helen Motzenbecker Toric® Lens Right Eye


Helen wore glasses for years until it came to the point that her “cloudy” vision was impeding her active lifestyle. According to Helen, every time she performs an activity that would have been outside of her comfort zone three years ago, it reminds her of how pleased she continues to be with her current vision.

She consulted three physicians before electing to have the cataract procedure with Dr. Del Negro. She can now, “drive to Florida, see distances, and read.” Following the procedure, Helen experienced improvement in her vision “immediately” and is thrilled that it no longer prevents her from doing the things that she loves. As she continues to enjoy her new-found independence, her advice to others is simply, “Get it done.”

Helen Motzenbecker
Toric® Lens Right Eye
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro
July 2009

Cathy Crane Toric® Lens


Cathy had been wearing glasses for 34 years. She elected to have cataract surgery with the Toric® Replacement Lens. Her vision improved immediately, “I can see better at night now, and I can drive at night without the double vision that the astigmatism had caused. I still need glasses for reading, and sometimes to see in the distance, but I don’t need them for driving. My new vision is worth every penny. I can just see so much better than before.”

In regards to the procedure itself, Cathy felt very comfortable. Dr. Senft definitely eased her fears. She recalls, he “talked me through it-he explained it all.” She will not hesitate to recommend Dr. Senft to those close to her. “Just do it. It is easy to recover!”

Cathy Crane
Toric® Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Carl J. Senft
February & March 2010

Peter Wortman Toric® Lens


“Although there was some out-of-pocket expense,” Peter explained of his elective Toric® Replacement Lens selection, “it was definitely worth the outcome.” He noticed an “almost indescribable improvement” to his vision. Following the procedure, Peter was happy to report, “I’m more relaxed while driving and can focus much more easily at a distance….Distance vision is extremely sharp, colors are more brilliant. My new vision has made everyday life more enjoyable.”

Peter selected Dr. Senft as his eye surgeon because of the “professional manner and confidence” he displayed in assisting his 99-year-old father with a serious eye condition.

Peter Wortman
Toric® Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Carl J. Senft
June & July 2010

Sheila Michaud ReSTOR® Replacement Lens


Dr. Senft presented Sheila with the ReSTOR® Replacement Lens technology as an option that would provide her with the range of vision she was seeking. After the procedure she reports, “It’s wonderful to wake up and be able to see and function without having to first put in contacts…I can read the highway signs and license plates—which I could not do before the operation—unless I was right on top of them.”

Sheila explains that through the entire process she was treated “graciously by all”. She will continue to suggest that her friends and family seek out Dr. Senft, stating, “I have been recommending him for years.”

Sheila Michaud
ReSTOR® Replacement Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Carl J. Senft
October 2010

Gerald Pochurek Bladeless LASIK Patient


The inconvenience of cleaning his lenses daily, coupled with the fact that he desired enhanced vision, lead Gerald to consider Bladeless LASIK. Dr. Del Negro is “very thorough…an excellent doctor”, Gerald explains. During his LASIK Evaluation he felt confident: “I had a good impression of him.” Following the custom procedure that utilized state-of-the art laser technology, Gerald’s dream for better vision became a reality. His procedure was “quick and painless”. Pleased with the results of his “crisp and clear” vision, Gerald feels that the return on his initial investment is “more than worth it”.

Gerald Pochurek
Bladeless LASIK
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro
October 2010

Lillian Adams ReSTOR® Replacement Lens


Thanks to her cataract surgery with Dr. Del Negro and the ReSTOR® Replacement Lens, Lillian has found new personal freedom. “I am thrilled that I no longer am dependent on glasses at least 98% of the time.” On occasion, she relies on non-prescription readers for lengthy computer use, or reading a book. “I can see TV clearly…driving is improved…I can read road signs and directions…I can read menus—all without glasses.”

Dr. Del Negro’s “excellent reputation” is the main factor that lead Lillian to choose him as her surgeon for cataract surgery. She found him to be “friendly, efficient, well-trained, and caring”.

Lillian Adams
ReSTOR® Replacement Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro
July & August 2010

Kara Ireland Bladeless LASIK


Kara had what she refers to as, “awful,” vision (-3.75), and, for 15 years, relied upon glasses and contacts. Her goal for having Bladeless LASIK was “to wake up and not have to worry about glasses/contacts.” She was referred by her cousins, one of whom already had LASIK performed by Dr. Senft a few months earlier. According to Kara, her evaluation was “very thorough. Everyone was so kind and encouraging.” Following the procedure, she states that her “quality of life has improved, everything is so much easier.” For the first time in over a decade she can “fall asleep to TV/movies, wake up in the morning and see without reaching for glasses, and wear sunglasses!”

“Dr. Senft has truly given me the gift of sight,” Kara reports, “I can’t believe a 15 minute session has completely changed my life. . . Dr. Senft went above and beyond to take care of me. He even came in on his day off to be there for my 1-week post-op checkup. That meant a lot to me.”

When relaying her experience to friends, Kara explains that she “couldn’t ask for a better doctor–kind, attentive, and thorough.” Her words of encouragement to others: “Get it! So simple for such a drastic life change.”

Kara Ireland
Bladeless LASIK
Surgery performed by
Dr. Carl J. Senft
August 2010

Stephen Keane ReSTOR® Replacement Lens


Stephen elected to have the ReSTOR® Replacement Lens which provides him with more youthful vision. He is most impressed with his expanded range of vision. “I can read without glasses, and I can see the ball on the golf course.”

“Dr. Del Negro and his staff provided excellent treatment throughout the entire process.” Stephen would definitely suggest that those close to him consult Dr. Del Negro, if they need to pursue cataract surgery. Ultimately, he is “very happy about the whole procedure”.

Stephen T. Keane
ReSTOR® Replacement Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro
June & July 2010

Michele Slaff ReSTOR® Replacement Lens


Michelle selected Dr. Del Negro for his “professional reputation, association with JSUMC, years of experience, and number of surgeries performed”. She elected to have the ReSTOR® Replacement Lens and was thrilled with the immediate results. She states, the lenses “improved my quality of life”. She can now “see clearly with more vivid colors and clarity”. Her experience with the staff was “outstanding. They are well-trained, patient, and pleasant.”

Reflecting on her positive outcome, she would urge friends, “Do not hesitate to have this lifechanging procedure.”

Michele Slaff
ReSTOR® Replacement Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro
October 2010

Jeanne McArthur, ReSTOR® Replacement Lens


Thanks to the technology of the ReSTOR® Replacement Lens, Jeanne can now “read the NY Times in good light, and go to the beach without glasses”. Six months after her procedure, she happily reports, “I can do almost everything without glasses.” Regarding her decision to opt for the elective ReSTOR® Replacement Lens, she explains, “The multifocal lenses are expensive, but I enjoy having them.” Drawing on her experience, she urges her friends who are interested in, or still contemplating cataract surgery, “Do it! Dr. Del Negro is excellent.”

Jeanne B. McArthur
ReSTOR® Replacement Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro
June 2010

Kelly Kumm Bladeless LASIK


After 15 plus years of wearing contacts and glasses to correct her astigmatism and nearsightedness, Kelly opted for Bladeless LASIK because she “developed an allergy to contacts”. The LASIK Evaluation with Dr. Senft was “very thorough”. Kelly explains, “Everyone in the office was not only professional but reassured me throughout the whole process.”

As a self-proclaimed “nervous patient,” Kelly appreciated that all her questions were answered. “Dr. Senft and the rest of the staff kept me informed and explained what was being done so I wasn’t anxious.” According to Kelly, the procedure was “a little uncomfortable but quick and painless”.

Following the procedure, her vision improved “immediately”. It is “the same as if I were wearing glasses”. Freedom from contacts offered another bonus for Kelly. “My eyes are less irritated now that I no longer need contacts,” she explains. Another positive aspect of having LASIK –she can now “wear sunglasses again.”

Kelly Kumm
Bladeless LASIK
Surgery Performed by
Dr. Carl J. Senft
April 2011

Thomas Vona Toric® Replacement Lens


“When you are dealing with something like your vision and you get results like this, it is invaluable and you can’t put a price on it.”

Since elementary school Thomas wore glasses to correct his nearsightedness and astigmatism. His vision prior to the procedure concerned him, “Even with my glasses as strong as they were, things weren’t as clear as they could be.”

When Thomas’ optometrist informed him that he needed cataract surgery, his decision was clear: “I wanted Dr. Del Negro to perform it.” Dr. Del Negro’s reputation coupled with the fact that he performed his mother’s cataract surgery put him at ease.

Presented with his options during a “very extensive” evaluation, Thomas elected to have the Toric® lens that specifically corrects for astigmatism. Talking from first–hand experience, Thomas found Dr. Del Negro to be “a very talented eye surgeon, a very warm and personal individual who does everything he can to keep you informed and to put you at ease.”

How is Thomas seeing after the surgery? “I can see perfectly clear without glasses (except reading). It is unbelievable…I can drive without glasses; see people and what I’m doing at the gym where I didn’t wear glasses; see television and the movies clearly without glasses; overall the world looks much brighter.”

A month after the procedure he reports, “I have already told many people how easy it was, how fantastic the results were, and how pleased I am with the experience…It is like I am seeing some things for the first time…The results were beyond what I expected.”

Thomas Vona
Toric® Replacement Lens
Surgery Performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro

Janice Maggio ReSTOR® Lens


“I never thought I would never wear glasses again. Dr. Senft gave me a gift.”

During her annual exam Janice was diagnosed with cataracts. She recalls, “The exam was excellent and I felt confident that I was in good hands.” Dr. Senft presented her with the elective Advanced Technology Lens options and she opted for the ReSTOR® Replacement Lens to give her the benefit of near, intermediate, and distance vision without having to rely upon glasses. “I’m glad I was a candidate for the state-of-the-art lenses…My vision is great. I can read everything, whether up close or at a distance very comfortably.”

She is now experiencing “20/20 vision.” “I feel comfortable without glasses especially when my glasses weren’t fitting me right, always adjusting and cleaning them,” she explains. Her overall quality of life has improved: “I see more clearly. I don’t have to worry about misplacing my eyeglasses or having them fall OFF when I would bend down.”

Throughout the process, she was “treated with professionalism.” Dr. Senft has a “very good rapport with his patients.” Regarding her elective lens choice Janice is “very satisfied” and her message to others is “definitely get it done.”

Janice Maggio
ReSTOR® Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Carl J. Senft
August 2011

Susanne Roberts ReSTOR® Lens


“I would highly recommend Dr. Del Negro.”

For many years Susanne has been a patient of Dr. Del Negro’s and for 25 years has relied on glasses to correct her vision. During a thorough evaluation, it was determined that her cataracts were progressively getting worse, “There was a deterioration in my condition from the previous exam 6 months prior.” She was “unable to read or see at a distance without glasses.”

After learning she was a candidate, Susanne opted for the Multifocal Lens which would benefit her near, intermediate, and distance vision. Following the procedure she experienced “immediate results. . . vision is clearer colors are brighter . . . easily read fine print and drive without glasses”. “No glasses needed,” she happily reports.

According to Susanne, the procedure was quick, painless, and comfortable. “I would definitely recommend the practice and multifocal lenses to friends and family. In fact, I already have.”

Susanne M. Roberts
ReSTOR® Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph Del Negro
November 2011

Dr. Sheklian Bladeless LASIK


Dr. Sheklian consulted two other eye surgeons, but chose
Dr. Del Negro because he was “highly recommended”. He reports that his LASIK Evaluation was very thorough, and the staff was “fabulous”!

The procedure was “Not bad at all, easier than I expected. I could see better immediately when I opened my eyes!” He states that the value he received is “exceptional”. Now, he is happy to share the positive changes in his everyday life due to perfect distance vision. “I can enjoy swimming and running and my other activities without my contacts drying out, or falling out.”

“I highly recommend this LASIK procedure and Dr. Del Negro’s office,” Dr. Sheklian explains. “Everyone was helpful and caring, and Dr. Del Negro is very skilled. I still can’t believe that I can see clearly when I open my eyes in the morning and look out at the sunrise.”

Mark D. Sheklian, DDS
Bladeless LASIK
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro
October 2010

John Miller ReSTOR® Lens


John sought out Dr. Del Negro to improve his deteriorating vision. For almost 50 years he had relied upon glasses and contacts to see the world more clearly. Now, he says “I have a renewed outlook on life thanks to my improved vision.”

He shares his positive experience:
The entire journey from the first phone call requesting an appointment to the cataract operation was quite easy. The patient is moved through the process in an organized, precise, and comfortable manner. Dr. Del Negro was very considerate in addressing my needs for improved vision. He explained the various Lens options available and was quite patient with my many questions. I felt confident that I would experience favorable results. My new vision is like a miracle. The blurriness caused by the cataracts is gone. Objects at a considerable distance appear sharp and clear. Also, I do not need to carry reading glasses to read a dinner menu or a label at the supermarket. For me, this is a major quality of life improvement.

I would recommend Dr. Del Negro without hesitation. I knew I was in good hands (forget about Allstate).

John Miller
ReSTOR® Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro
July 2012

Christine Reilley ReSTOR® Replacement Lens


Christine opted to have the ReSTOR® Replacement Lens. She reports that her new vision is “terrific”, and she now has “no worries about glasses and can wear real, fashionable sunglasses” for the first time.

The procedure itself was “painless”, and she is “very happy with the results”. Reflecting on her personal experience, Christine states that the elective lens is definitely “worth the cost”. During her cataract evaluation, she felt Dr. Del Negro was “very thorough, friendly, professional, and experienced. The staff was helpful and accommodating.”

Christine Reilley
ReSTOR® Replacement Lens
Surgery performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro
October 2010

Joe & Eileen Venables Monofocal Lens


“If you need cataract surgery—look no further!”

Both Joe and Eileen chose Dr. Del Negro for his “reputation.” During their evaluation he showed “perfect attention to every detail.” They noticed an improvement in their vision the day following their procedure and refer to Dr. Del Negro as a “Super Star” to their friends and family.

As our 59th Wedding Anniversary approached this year, we received a “Gift” we love sharing. Dr. Del Negro “Brightened” our lives with “Youthful Vision” and renewed “Driving Security” at night. He performed our Cataract Surgery on the same day. It was a painless, 15-minute “Medical Miracle.” It is with our eternal gratitude & happiness that we were able to experience the procedure together.

Joe & Eileen Venables
Monofocal Lens
Surgery Performed by
Dr. Ralph G. Del Negro
March 2012

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